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Westholme - Wagyu Knuckle Mb.8-9

Unmatched Marbling, Exceptional Flavor

     Westholme Wagyu, born and raised amidst the vast rangelands of northern Australia, is crafted for professional kitchens. The herd boasts a pedigree, derived from the world’s finest Wagyu. Westholme is the only producer with documented heritage from three founding patriarch bulls: 001 Hirashige-Tayasu (Kedaka line), 002 Itomoritaka (Fujioshi line), and 003 Kitateruyasu-doi (Tajiri/Tajima line). This exclusive F1 “first cross” of Full-Blood Wagyu bulls and Mitchell cows creates a unique expression of Australian Wagyu -- unmatched marbling, exceptional tenderness, and a deep, complex flavor profile. Simply put, there’s no Wagyu quite like Westholme.

About this cut - Knuckle

      The knuckle, also known as the sirloin tip, is located on the round or hindquarter and extends from the knee to the hip along the front thigh. Once removed, this cut appears as a large, oval piece between the shank and hip, with some nerves present. This cut is commonly used for filleting due to its tenderness and juiciness. It can be divided into two parts: an area closer to the hip, which is tender and juicy, ideal for steaks, and another part closer to the knee, with slightly tougher meat, suitable for slow-cooking methods like stewing, where the connective tissue breaks down, resulting in flavorful and fork-tender results.


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