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Established in 2007, Gourmet One is Thailand's leading importer and distributor of premium food and the finest ingredients. We cater to discerning palates, supplying high-end restaurants, hotels, airline catering services, and merchandising businesses with a curated selection of gourmet products.


Our exquisite offerings encompass the finest cuts of beef, lamb, and veal, foie gras and other gourmet meats, fresh and frozen seafood, high-quality pasta and olive oil, delectable hams and cured meats, premium pastry products, and frozen fruit purées as well as a range of additional gourmet items. We source our products from world-renowned brands in Australia, Chile, France, Italy, the USA, and the UK. Additionally, we go the extra mile to bring exceptional fresh fruits and vegetables directly from Europe and Australia.


Our headquarters in Nonthaburi ensures optimal storage and delivery. Spanning 4,800 square meters, our facility boasts spaces for frozen items, chilled meats, chocolate, dairy products, and dry storage. A dedicated lobster tank, a spacious loading area, and a fleet of 70 temperature-controlled trucks ensure efficient logistics.


We operate branches in Pattaya, Phuket, and Chiang Mai, providing six-day-a-week delivery services. To maintain unparalleled freshness, we fly in perishables directly from Europe every Monday and Thursday, and from Australia every Thursday. This commitment allows us to deliver fresh, high-quality goods to customers throughout Bangkok, surrounding provinces, and even Lao PDR.

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