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Stockyard - Wagyu Bolar Blade

Dedication to Quality and Flavor

     Steeped in generations of expertise, Stockyard nurtures Wagyu and Angus cattle from trusted partners committed to ethical practices. Their crafted diet unlocks the full flavor potential of each animal, evident in the Stockyard Long Fed Angus Gold. This masterpiece boasts rich cherry-red meat, beautifully contrasted by crisp white fat, and abundant marbling for an unforgettable flavor – a testament to Stockyard’s dedication to quality

About this cut - Bolar Blade

     The bolar blade is located in front of the ribeye, just above the back, connecting the loins to the neck and corresponding to the animal’s first five vertebrae. It is composed of lean meat with some streaks of fat. The “open chuck” portion is juicier and more tender than the “closed chuck,” which is closer to the neck and somewhat tougher. In the kitchen, it is typically used for fillets that can be grilled, barbecued, or fried, as well as for mincing or braising. Chops for grilling can also be obtained from this cut.


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