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Stockyard - 200 days Brisket Navel End

Dedication to Quality and Flavor

     Steeped in generations of expertise, Stockyard nurtures Wagyu and Angus cattle from trusted partners committed to ethical practices. Their crafted diet unlocks the full flavor potential of each animal, evident in the Stockyard Long Fed Angus Gold. This masterpiece boasts rich cherry-red meat, beautifully contrasted by crisp white fat, and abundant marbling for an unforgettable flavor – a testament to Stockyard’s dedication to quality.

About this cut - Brisket Navel End

      The Brisket Navel End is flatter and squarer than the regular brisket. It has more fat layers, making it perfect for turning into smoked streaky beef bacon. This excellent slow-cook beef cut delivers concentrated flavor and a melt-in-the-mouth texture. The high level of connective tissue in the brisket navel end ensures indulgently sticky and delicious braising juices.


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