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Southern Station Wagyu - Wagyu Rump Cap Mb.3-5

New Zealand’s Finest, Naturally Raised

     Southern Stations Wagyu (SSW) are raised amidst the green, rolling hills surrounding Canterbury, on New Zealand's South Island, where their breeding program starts with selecting the finest Wagyu genetics. Dams, primarily the renowned Kiwi Cross breed, are DNA-tested for complete traceability. Achieving the ideal marbling in Wagyu demands meticulous nutrition. At six months, calves are weaned and moved to backgrounding properties, where their diet transitions from grass to include grain. SSW provides a formulated, all-natural grain and barley ration, free of artificial additives or hormones. This approach ensures exceptional quality and flavor in every cut of Southern Stations Wagyu.

About this cut - Rump cap

      The rump cap, also known as picanha in some regions, is a triangular-shaped cut located at the top of the leg, between the sirloin and the rump steak. It is usually marketed together with the tip and the corner of the hip, typically divided by a central membrane. Occasionally, this cut is sold without the portion corresponding to the corner. The rump cap is lean, juicy, and flavorful, making it ideal for fine roasts, steaks, scaloppine, and other dishes. It can also be cut into cubes for stews.


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