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Ambassador - Lamb Rack Cap-On

Brand Story

     Australian Lamb Company (ALC) was incorporated in 1989 with its two fully licensed facilities located in Melbourne and Colac,Victoria. It supplies to Hotels, resorts, restaurants, supermarkets and exports to over 60 countries worldwide.‘Ambassador’ is the brand that has become synonymous with quality, sourced from the finest lamb producing areas renowned for their fresh, green, clean farming lands. Ambassador Premium Lamb is selected from farmers dedicated to rearing quality prime lamb. “Fresh, tender and full of flavour”.

     All Ambassador products are sourced from lambs that are hand selected by our dedicated livestock team, they are endorsed as “the best lamb” anywhere in the world

About this cut - Lamp Rack Cap-On

      A rack of lamb is a premium cut, equivalent to prime rib in beef, both anatomically and in regard. It consists of loin meat with the rib bones attached, making it the most tender and juicy cut on the animal. When sold sliced individually between the ribs, it is called "cap on," indicating that the rack still has a layer of fat. The thickness of this fat layer varies. The rack is also partially Frenched, with some fat removed from between the ribs to give it a more classic appearance. Occasionally, you'll find a lamb rack with a very thick cap of fat.


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